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Are you considering a critical IT systems project?

Finding the right IT solutions to fit your business, can seem a daunting task. It’s not helped by pressing timelines, and considerable expense. Starting the procurement process without a comprehensive strategy is risky. Before choosing a product, choose a Partner that can help you prepare the right strategy.

Will an existing solution fit?

Why re-invent the wheel? If an existing solution fits you should, of course, use it. But, how do you know if it fits? By understanding the technologies, and especially where multiple technologies are involved, we can help clear the confusion. Fast!


Our experience spans a vast array of industry and business. From Pharmaceutical and Medical Device, to Waste Disposal, Insurance and Retail. Data Protection and Regulation are all part of the daily routine!

Web Portals

The “Waste Portal” is a new product for us in 2015. The waste disposal industry in Ireland is quickly moving towards a requirement to share account information with customers. We’re making the transition easy for the waste service companies.

The range of services that we provide to our clients, starts 

… at it’s simplest with…

  • Provision of software solutions:
  • websites,
  • online payment systems,
  • cloud applications,
  • mobile applications,
  • industrial automation solutions, etc.

.. all the way to any or all of the following…

  • Identification and Analysis of key business requirements,
  • Application of the analysis for selection of the most appropriate solution,
  • Translation of the requirements into a specification, tailored specifically to business needs,
  • Project Management of the implementation and/or development to ensure maximum benefit can be achieved from the end solution,
  • Assistance in the development of processes for optimal utilisation of new technology.

Are the technology options confusing?

We can help with that. Let us “translate” the terminology – we liaise on a technical level with the technology specialists, or system vendors, while simultaneously liaising on a business level with the key stakeholders to ensure nothing is missed.


Will an existing solution fit?

Business Owners and Managers understand the necessity of Information Technology solutions in a modern business. But that understanding doesn’t always carry as far as understanding precisely the benefits that appropriate technology will bring, or more importantly how to ensure the technology selected, is appropriate.
It’s not unusual for a business manager to quickly find the technology options, and the terminology in use overwhelming. Add to that, the pressure to deliver value for money, and enthusiasm for the project can all but disappear.


Getting it right …

The need to ensure that you select the most appropriate technology solution, can’t be overstated. Inadvertently selecting an incomplete or inappropriate solution, without understanding and planning for its shortcomings, will usually place additional strain on the business, rather than drive efficiency. Sometimes a compromise may be desirable or necessary. But before that, it’s essential to understand at the business level, what that compromise entails and ensure appropriate processes are in place to accommodate both the solution, and the shortcomings.

Is your business prepared for new technology?

Successful ROI will depend not just on selecting a solution, but on proper implementation and utilisation of the chosen solution. Have you looked at the consistency of your processes recently?

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