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Our services are described on the home page, but we also have a number of products, some of which are running successfully for many years.

From time to time we’ll profile some of those products on this page. In the meantime, if you’ve heard about one of our products and would like further details, send us an email.

Dataset Web Portal

The “Dataset Portal” (https://datasetportal.com) was a new product for us in 2015. The waste disposal industry in Ireland is quickly moving towards a requirement to share account information with customers. This requirement is coming from an array of sources, including customers, local authorities and legislation (both existing and pending). Meeting this requirement using paper-based communication and call centres, can be very costly, so it makes sense to seek cost effective electronic solutions. That’s where we came in. Many waste service providers already use in-house customer billing applications from Dataset IT Systems. When Dataset IT Systems sought a partnership with Feidir Technologies to deliver a highly customisable, flexible, and fully integrated platform to work with their in-house software, the “Dataset Portal” was the result. The portal application has expanded since and now allows waste service providers to control much of their website content (e.g. service offerings), directly from their in-house customer billing system from Dataset IT Systems.

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Dataset Portal